Dj Mac Cormik

Dj Mac Cormik ist ein profesioneller Szene House/Electro Dj.

Künstlername: DJ Mac Cormik

DJ seit: 2002

Musikstile: House, Electro, Minimal, Funky house, French house, electronic music and dance

DJ Mac Cormik is the typical diskjockey who adjusts himself to his audience and not the other way round. He covers the style of the 80’s, 90’s as well as the current club music like Funky House (Vocal 2 Ibiza) and French House. Apart from his long experience gained in many clubs as a resident, he is characterized by his harmonical direction changes, in order to push the temper of the audience to its sudorific climax again and again. In principle, DJ Mac Cormik works for many events like “Corporate Events & Incentives university-parties” and corporate functions for which he often travels throughout the country. Like many others, he gathered his first practical experiences at school-parties and private ones in is native city: Hanover. Beyond his events on Thursdays at the “Konvex”, is long-time residence at the “Shark Club” on the “Kiez” in Hanover and many other events in the Lower Saxony area, his constantly growing enthusiasm for electronic club music never ended. In addition to his appearances in coffee bars, clubs and discotheques, he now carries out is events at the “Auszeit Bar & Lounge” and “Mango Club & Lounge” in Hanover. Caused by positive effects of his audience, Mac Cormik started the event and party project “Extravaganca – Events”. The intention of this concept is to assert events in miscellaneous locations in Hanover. Now corporate events and nationwide gigs belong to the agenda and DJ Mac Cormik is an inherent part of regular activities of Hanover’s clubs and its surrounding area.

At the end of 1993, the only location left for D Mac Cormik to celebrate into 1994 was the “Weltspiele”. It was the first time tat he mingled with the Techno and Trance scene which gave him a lot of pleasure and excitement. He was surprised how many people were still dancing and celebrating that early in the morning and he soon accompanied the partycrowd on the dance floor to dance to the pumping beats. At this time, DJ Mac Cormik spent many hours at the turntables with the headliner DJs. He copied some tricks for giving his DJ-career the needed background.

Finally, in 1995, DJ Mac Cormik bought his first equipment. He put a lot of time and energy to make his dream come true - being able to compete among the best DJs in Hanover. For his first attempts, he used House and Trance vinyl and in 1995 he got his first chance to demonstrate his capability in the “Konvex”. Full of joy and enthusiasm, he succeeded in cosseting the audience with his sound. It was an intoxicant feeling to play his Dance House set in front of such a great crowd – an experience which he still tells his friends with a smile on his face. The time came when he saw clearly that he wants to spur on his DJ-career to lift the audience’s spirits further on. More and more inquiries for clubs and events arised and is bookings increased constantly. Various tricks and techniques were exchanged and he was able to concentrate on his development. Many club-owners admired his skills and often gave him a lot of opportunities to prove them. In the year of 2000, DJ Mac Cormik signed up for a DJ-contest which provided him the opportunity to match with other DJs from Hanover and its surrounding area and the jury clearly voted for his presentation. A lot of bookings for big events resulted and the motivation to get ahead increased. As already mentioned, he started the event and party project “Extravaganca – Events” in 2002 and his joy at playing electronic music deepened. In addition, DJ Mac Cormik gained much experience which formed his strong character without making him lose his enthusiasm and humanity. With his success concept – based on electronic music – he started the partyseries “La Prima Vera”, “Funky House Sensation” and “Get Sexy”. Further events are planned and will still be a venue for ladies and gentlemen. Don’t miss out on these sweeping parties!

Dj Mac Cormik, 30627 Hannover
Tel: +49(0)511 80099530

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